Leadership and Life Skills for Becoming
Followers of Christ and Leaders of Men

Welcome to The Dovetail Group and thank you for visiting our site.  The Dovetail Group has something for everyone – all are welcome.

You will read about the variety of programs available to families, teens and children,  and corporations.   Our purpose is to bring people of all ages to a deeper understanding and fully committed relationship with Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching. The Biblical message is consistent, clear, and the same for all; however, the method and level of instruction is adapted to suit each particular student audience.

Our proven Leadership and Life Skills Curriculum focuses on teaching Biblical truths through ballroom dancing fundamentals.   The simplicity of the dance floor partnership analogies allows participants to understand the concepts of being followers of Christ and leaders of men.   These analogies turn concepts into practical principles for everyday living.
Over two decades of experience has taught us that this is a very effective tool for teaching, however unconventional the approach.  The “get it” factor is high.   Our heritage is filled with stories from former and current students who attributed their closer relationship to God to what they learned on the dance floor. 

The Dovetail Group/House's four programs include:

     His Handmaids   -   a liturgical worship troupe for girls
     That Dance Thing   -   a cotillion-like social program for teens
     FootSteps   -   basic and fun adult ballroom dancing instruction
     Leadership . . . One Step at a Time   -   workplace leadership and team building training
I hope you enjoy browsing this website.  It contains information on our programs, registration forms, donor cards, and events calendars.  It also introduces you to The Dovetail House, a non-profit organization that provides exciting and challenging opportunities for you to invest in His Handmaids and the That Dance Thing Exhibition Team as they go forth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

                                                                                         Thank you for visiting us,

                                                                                         Connie M. Huffine
                                                                                         Executive Director

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